DeniServ licenses the most technologically advanced claims processing system, and offers complete data conversion and technical implementation services. A variety of Operations services are also offered following data conversion, including:

  • EDI Administration
  • Nightly Processes
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery


Introducing aQDen
aQDen is a sophisticated dental claims adjudication system produced in 1999 as a collaborative effort between Delta Dental Plan of Missouri and Quality Care Solutions, Incorporated. The product has proven to add so much value to a dental organization, that we would like to pass these values along to other dental plans. How is aQDen Priced?

DeniServ offers a variety of pricing options including: one time licensing fee with support, and a per member, per month option. There are no additional transaction fees. Licensing models include complete outsource solutions.

Goals and Guarantees
DeniServ is extremely pleased with the results our clients have achieved since converting to aQDen, such as; claims turnaround time have reduced by more than 75% and claim auto-adjudication rates have significantly increased ranging from 77% to 84%. The results are goals being met with groups, providers and members are receiving their payments quicker, and fewer calls are filtering through the customer service department. Resulted in a significant reduction in operational expenses.

HIPAA Compliance
DeniServ has custom designed HIPAA translators to meet compliance obligations. Our EDI Profiler imports 834 / 837 data as well as custom formats. There are other transaction sets that are supported via the portal interface. See page 12 for more information.

aQDen can be configured on anything from a single processor server up to the large 32- way servers. Benchmark results show that the capabilities of aQDen are in excess of 10,000 adjudications or 40,000 payments per hour. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, one of the leading management and information technology consulting firms in the world, audited the solution architecture and certified the benchmark results. Full reports are available on our website.

Changing Technology
Business moves fast and changes every day. aQDen is designed to put the power of business decisions in your hands. Changes can be made while the application runs, eliminating downtime.

Consider the Possibilities
DeniServ invites you to consider the possibilities of a system that is flexible, state of the art, and proven successful. aQDen gives you the opportunity of future enhancements and is ready to use today.

Now, You Must Be Asking - What Does aQDen Look Like?
Enjoy the ease of a Windows based environment that allows the processor to gain access to information with the simple click of a button.